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Ben from Bentley Race recently took a trip to Europe where he did a lot of filming. This gay sex video was filmed on his last day in Berlin. Ben invited a couple of German guys over to suck and fuck before he was due to head back to Australia.

Darec Bauer and Ivan Rivera had been out all night clubbing, and since they were horny, they agreed to come over to Ben's hotel room. Ben started off filming a solo with Darec. He's an interesting looking guy, not particularly good looking or not, but quite sexy nonetheless, and he wears a ring through his nose. When he peels out of his clothes, he reveals some heavy tattoo work on his upper chest. And when he slips off his jockstrap, he's sporting a big, uncut cock. Darec starts jacking his cock while Ben films.

When Ivan enters the room, he jumps into Darec's scene. And these guys are intense. They really got into each other and started swapping blowjobs. Ivan went down on Darec's thick cock first. Then Darec gave Ivan some head. And before Ben knew it, these two German studs were fucking bareback. They're both versatile, so they took turns fucking one another. And these two guys really know how to play. A couple of times Ivan would go across the room and get down on all fours on the floor and show off his cock-hungry fuck hole to his buddy. Darec would let Ivan tease him for a bit, then he'd come over and fuck his ass some more. The scene ends when Darec spews his hot, creamy load all over Ivan's ass. And that's how Bentley Race ended his European tour. Hot!

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