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The Southern Strokes guys hooked up with JR on one of their visits to Georgia Tech in Midtown Atlanta. It's amazing how many hot guys they find as they wander around campus. JR was having coffee with some friends when Southern Strokes stumbled across him. I still don't know how you go from striking up a conversation with a guy to getting him naked and jerking off in your studio a few days later, but Southern Strokes always seems to manage to pull it off.

JR is very good looking; and he has piercing blue eyes and a devilish grin, when he actually smiles. He kind of reminds me a bit of James Dean, the 50s movie star. JR is pretty quiet - they're always the ones you have to worry about. During his interview at Southern Strokes, they talk about the first time he fooled around with a guy. (JR is bi.) "It just kind of happened," JR said about his first guy-on-guy sex with a friend. And while JR likes women, it seems like he's well on his way to being with guys exclusively.

JR strips naked and starts stroking his cock. JR is smooth and it didn't take long before his cock got hard - and thick. JR's cock is perfectly straight with a fat mushroom head sitting on top of a thick shaft. JR sits back on the sofa, curls his legs up to his chest, and strokes his big cock with his entire hand until he shoots a load that just keeps on cumming and cumming and cumming.

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