Wow! I've seen some morphed pics in my time, but GBMorphs really takes the cake. We're talking about muscle here. So much muscle in fact, I doubt there are many men on the planet quite this large. Although, I think some of these dudes aren't too far off from how much they've been altered. Right from the warning page you should be fairly impressed with the design. Some pretty incredible artistry coupled with just the right dash of flash make the front page musclebear come alive right before your eyes. Once inside, the menu is to your left. "Archives" gives you many images galleries of massive bodybuilders, bears, wrestlers, and generally all around huge men. Some you will certainly recognize, and some you may not. Reading what the artist has stated, this is a fairly original artform which he started messing around with a few years back. He now displays his work for the world to see and admire. If bald headed, smooth to hairy, gigantically muscle-morphed males give you a rise, you should really really enjoy this place.

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