Gay's The Word, a lesbian and gay bookshop, has been around for 29 years now. And that would not be a wonder as from some of the exerpts I read, the material is excellent. Although they were doing fine up until 2006, in 2007 they were almost forced to close down. However, when something is worth saving, usually help arrives at the least expected times - "2007 was an incredibly challenging year for Gay's the Word. With the usual culprits of rising rents and the effect of internet book-buying, the bookshop found itself facing possible closure in March. Thanks to the support of authors, customers and friends we managed to raise funds to stay open and will be investing this in our long-term future in 2008."

In the event you drop by Gay's The Word and find something you may like, perhaps you can help out by purchasing a book so this wonderful supplier of quality written works can stick around for another 29 years. They certainly would appreciate it.

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