Gays And Gym Saunas

I have been working out and going to the gym since I was 18 years old. It's not cos I want to bulk up and be a big 'ol muscle head - for me it's more for keeping fit and healthy and obviously to be in place full of sweaty beefy men! (Yes, that truly is my idea of heaven!) Recently I have been trying out several gyms around central London and one thing must be said; if that the gym has a sauna then there is deffo some hot & steamy gay action going on! Too good to be true? Trust me, it isn't.

After an exhausting workout and sweating it out like a pig in heat, it's always nice to release that other kind of tension, and when you walk into the sauna at the gym it is the perfect place to find such release. Most guys go in with a towel and then take it off once they sit down so you get a good look at a nice meaty package that could be in your mouth if you're in that kind of mood. (Let's face it, I am always in that mood!) Once inside the sauna most start to "fiddle" with themselves so obviously you have to do the same and "fiddle" back, then you see he's as hard as a rock, you are too and VIOLA! Cock-sucking-central!

When there are more that 3 fellas in the sauna they all get a bit shy and don't start the playing until one of them has left. The most I've seen is a threesome and it's just so fucking hot! It's a free-for-all that truly must be experienced in order to know just how tasty it really is! This is the great thing about being gay and going to the gym, almost 100% guaranteed action in the sauna!

So once you're done working out your biceps with weights, why not spend some time working out that "other muscle" between your legs with a long, hot session in your gym's sauna! It truly is the place to be!

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