Gaypedia is yet another delightful and refreshing look at the world around us and especially a look at gay-friendly places which are high on the "must-see" lists for travelers and the curious. This is a very judgmental site and it unabashedly rates cities, beaches, hotels, bars and clubs with an unflinching regard as to its appropriateness on being included as 'desirable' as a place to do business and pleasure. Gaypedia is also quite handy in that it uses Mapquest to locate very specifically the locations of those places reviewed. As a travel guide, one could do worse than this excellent resource for those places and things to do which are user-reviewed and posted on this site. A Twitter function also allows some up-to-the-minute commentary relative to travel and accommodations. San Fransisco's Gay Pride Parade and Festival and Portland, Oregon's Bear Naked Billiards are but a few of the events highlighted. The cities highlighted prove much more accessible and transparent with these handy and user-generated guidelines of peak events and hot topics throughout the world. This is a heady, gay-friendly site designed with the lifestyle and general preferences represented fully and openly. There is also a chat room ensconced inside which I wager gets good traffic. Interesting place.

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