gayGasmHunter calls itself "the best tube site for gay amateur porn". He may be right. After combing what he calls hundreds of videos and pictures, culled from other tube sites and from gay amateur sites, he has presented a virtual site-full of what he regards as his hottest picks. From self-sucking to two guys together and from fraternity party self-discovery to orgies in general involving lots of gay amateurs, this site brims with sticky, creamy lust and what it takes to get to that point. Nearly always focused on "results", or in his terms, "gay gasms", there is little left to the imagination. His choices do indeed seem nearly perfect, I have to admit. Lanky amateurs, college age guys solo, just smiling faces beating off on camera and grinning away while their cocks spout fountains of man juice, the tube videos in here tend to be pretty much of a piece. Similar in most respects in terms of "plot" and "direction", the nice variety talent is different, giving a decided stamp to the entire site itself. This site possesses not only heat but also a straightforward dedication that really delivers on its promise. There are some extremely hot videos and pictures in here which can cause problems in the interior areas of jeans. Good stuff!

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