I sure do love all these cool blog themes these days. Gay Bytes is sexy, lustful, informative and funny. Sometimes all at the same time if you can believe it. To your right is a link to PDK - Public Display Of Kissing. I don't think you'll miss it with it's huge pink gif image. It's a blog dedicated to promoting more public displays of affection for gay men in our society. We all know the looks we get when giving your man a peck while sitting at the local cafe. The subject matter at Gay Bytes seems to focus mostly on new magazine releases and recent news. Check out the second post under the DNA announcement - "If Condoms Had Sponsors..." LOL. Now THAT's funny. You get some hilarious videos here as well. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can giggle at "Daffydd meets Elton John". We all know that EJ has a good sense of humour and when he gets going he's a riot. Gay Bytes is yet another personal blog featuring some pretty funny, sexy and informative stuff. I like it and I'll be back for more.

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