Gaybuzz is in French, but, honestly, I barely noticed. This is yet another blog that shows ripped and muscular studs having it off together, in groups or alone. The point implicit in this one is that these are studs - with a capital stud. Washboard abs, super-muscled arms and legs, bulky guys, athletic guys, athletes - you name it, they are in this fascinating blog. The quality of eye candy is the first order of complimentary business and it is simply the best. Typically, he posts a picture or two, usually not many more, of some gorgeous bloke, then a small bit of writing - who cares? - then moves right along to the next stud. This blog gained by age. Simple in design, with many sumptuous ads of gay things all around, the archives are what make it more special in the end. They go by category as well, with some supremely great topics and displays under. This is a very cool blog that can make you feel both horny and International. What a concept!

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