Gay Times With Legendary Dylan Rosser

The legendary photographer that is Dylan Rosser has teamed up with the awesome guys at Gay Times to create something memorable and truly hot too! You might have seen one of their Naked Editions before, but this one is most definitely something to drool over. They've been teasing their readership for a few months now, making little hints here and there that something was coming in 2013 that would potentially blow our tiny little minds.

This hasn't been done before, but Gay Times have dedicated an entire issue of the magazine to the work of Dylan Rosser, and they've brought in a whole host of famous (and some mildly well known) men from around the UK to appear in front of the lens! It's an immense 102 pages of man-flesh, perfectly captured in the style of traditional modern fashion photography but without a stitch of it to be seen. It's very clever, very sexy and extremely flattering to all the actors, Olympians and singers daring to strip off and get risky.

As if all of that wasn't worthwhile enough, this Gay Times Naked Edition is also benefiting the Terrence Higgins Trust, a charitable organization that we can all support in their endeavours. The Terrence Higgins Trust is the largest HIV and sexual health charity in the UK, providing assistance, advice and services to millions of people every year.

So, you want to know who you can drool over in this Gay Times Naked Edition? We have Olympians Ashley McKenzie, Chris Mears and Luke Campbell, Kieron Richardson and PJ Brennan of Hollyoaks, Leon Lopez, Ben McGregor and Arron Lowe... (inhale)... and plenty more besides. For a full run-down of the naked cast of this edition you'll have to check it out for yourself (it's definitely worth it!)

And a big shout out to Makeup artist Evan Huang and assistant Joe McCormick, who were also on hand to help out Dylan Rosser for these shots, and a great job they did too.

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