gay time

Gay Time is a beautiful-looking gay porn blog. It's nicely laid out and the black background looks really sexy. But what's really getting me excited about this blog is the muscle men. This blogger has a big thing for muscled men.

And we're not talking about massive bodybuilders, although there are a few of those. There's a nice selection of well-defined and well-built men. COLT Men Casey Williams and John Magnum start off this parade of beefcake. I always like the COLT men, they've got some of the most beautiful bodies you'll find anywhere.

But as I scroll down, the next post really catches my eye. British muscle stud Patrick O'Brien has his hand down his tight-fighting underwear briefs and he's smoking a cigarette. I know smoking isn't cool, but it sure is hot watching a guy sucking on a butt. O'Brien has a gorgeous body, stunningly ripped with the hottest six-pack you're going to see this week and deliciously chiseled pecs. And O'Brien has a great meaty cock.

This gay porn blog has been going since January 2009, so I've got a lot of posts to go through. I'm thinking that I might spread this adventure out and look at two or three every day, that'll give me a good long while to get caught up.

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