Gay student set to pop his cherry live

Recently a former ballet star dipped his toe in the world of gay porn calling it performance art. Many people scoffed at the idea of calling this type of entertainment as art.

But not everyone felt that way. Now comes Clayton Pettet, a 19 year-old art student at Central Saint Martins in London. In a performance piece called "Art School Stole My Virginity", he is set to pop his cherry for the first time in front of a live audience.

Clayton has been preparing for this 'performance art project' for three years. Abstaining from anal sex, all in preparation for this moment. He says, "The key thing about performance art is that it should only be performed once, and this is the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime performance." Isn't that the truth?

He continues, "Since culturally we do hold quite a lot of value to the idea of virginity I have decided to use mine and the loss of it to create a piece that I think will stimulate interesting debate and questions regarding the subject".

"I've held on to my virginity for 19 years, and I'm not throwing it away lightly. Basically it's like I am losing the stigma around virginity. I want the audience to see if anything has changed between me and my partner."

Not everyone sees this in the same light. The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement have been critical of Clayton for cheapening sex and using this as a publicity stunt.

Spokesperson Rev Sharon Ferguson says, "My issue is around is this the right expression of someone's bodily sexuality? As an art project in front of an audience, where is the love, respect and mutuality in that? Stunts like this cheapens our own sexual relationships."

Nonetheless Clayton is currently having safe sex with his partner, and plans to debut this once in a lifetime performance on January 25, 2014.

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