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News, entertainment, travel, features, photos - it's all at Gay Star News, an online newspaper with a gay bent. It actually promises us global LGBT news 24-7 and it is certainly a really nice place to have bookmarked. Don't bother with the dailies at your breakfast table, get clicked into the worldwide gay news instead - it's far more relevant and often a lot more cheerful, making this site a good, positive place to subscribe to. You can register and log in if you want to leave comments, just like with any other blog, and you can also use the social networking share buttons to help promote it or articles it is carrying. I found that the news was indeed global and very up-to-date, and the other sections such as the Entertainment one were also relevant and on-topic, leaning constantly towards the gay interest angle. And when I say gay I mean LGBT. The Travel section covered resorts and vacations, Prides and other gay events as well as places, and the site makes its money from the adverts, so use it to find flights and so on, and give them a boost at the same time. Yup, definitely a good place for a catch-up on gay news and a good resource for other useful items as well.

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