If I'm not mistaken, the original idea for a blog was to log out your life. Sort of akin to a journal right? However, with the advancements made in blogging platforms and the popularity of media such as pictures and videos now dominating most sites, it's now quite surprising to see blogs without media. Gay White Boy In Socks is a slave who writes out his adventures with his many Masters on this particular blog. Like I said, expect no pictures at all. The posts are short, but hot at times. This man is very submissive and sometimes gets quite graphic. Which I find both cool and admirable. To pour out your most intimate of desires and fantasies for all to read about. I suppose that's a large part of the allure and eroticism. I've written out some of my own fantasies and realy adventures. If you dig hardcore spankings, floggings, serious bondage and discipline are your thing and you like to see a sub boy dominated to the extreme, his posts should put you into a sexual fit. Pretty intense stuff. Wish I could meet him. He He.

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