I've been on a bit of a Corbin Fisher binge lately. The guys he's been pumping out over the last few weeks have been right up my alley, which is surprising because I'm normally into hairy men. But I'm finding that as I get older I'm starting to appreciate all kinds of men. I love this particular Corbin Fisher pairing because their bodies fit together so well. Brent, the top in this scene, has a phenomenal body. There are several amazing shots of him on top of Matt and the view of his perectly, curved butt cheeks is spectacular. As he pumps his long cock into Matt's tight butt, he uses every muscle in his body -- it's fucking amazing to watch. And this particular Corbin Fisher couple are really into one another. I mean I always enjoy watching the guys there, but sometimes you can just tell models are models and they're there for the cash; othertimes, you can tell that if you shut off the cameras and ripped up the cheque these guys would keep on going. Matt and Brent are one of those couples. Their foreplay was intense and the action is on fire. I loved watching these guys so much that I decided to bring you an extra picture.

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