Gay Sex Blog is a smoking hot weblog featuring gay sex from all around the Internet. Presented on this incredibly rich resource are recent posts made all the more lush by the good writing and the pictures featuring the latest entries from the best of the best web sites. The links alone in this gargantuan enterprise can present just about every worthwhile major blog and website in the known gay galaxy. There are hookup sites, domination sites, BDSM sites, camera sites, amateur sites and every niche and category anyone could want. Even by browsing the links alone, one can see a richness of sexuality one could only dream existed. Pay sites as well as free- and blog sites are featured at every turn, sometimes literally featured, but always available, with a click of the mouse. This wonderful weblog seems nearly as close to "Encyclodedic" as it gets. Plus, it offers in-depth features which any blog presents on a daily basis, fresh and new. I particularly enjoyed the Porn Star Feature section where a short biography and list of films is offered, per the star. The "Reviews" section features very in-depth discussions of hot newer videos which generally feature some of the best work out there.

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