Gay Selfies

Selfies have become the new normal on the World Wide Web. For those unfamiliar with the term, they are digital self-portraits taken of oneself in front of the mirror. You can find Selfies with just the click of the mouse. Whether it is Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. The explosion of selfies has given rise to website devoted to the best selfies found on the Internet. One such site is Gay Selfies.

The Webmaster of this site has searched the web looking for the hottest most sexiest gay male selfies. He also accepts submissions of selfies from regular followers of the site. So you get a great mixture of men. Most of the men featured are in there twenties with hard smooth bodies and a nice erection. There is hardly any text, just candid pictures taken in front of the mirror. For quick access, the Webmaster has a Hall of Fame section that shows the best of the best selfies. He also practices what he preaches by having his own page of selfies. You might be disappointed as he only shows off his nude body with his face cut out of the pictures. So if you want to escape into someone else's world for a short time, Gay Selfies is a nice to place to visit.

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