Gay Sci Fi Guy

Is he a Gay Sci Fi Guy or a guy who is gay and into Sc-fi? What's the order here? Well, looking at his about page he's a guy who is firstly into science fiction, but particularly 'Queer and feminist science fiction.' Wonder Woman, Flash, Superman, and Action Comics were some of the names I recognised, but this blog isn't just about those kind of sci-fi heroes. There is news about conventions, other blogs with similar themes, TV shows and films. It's a collection of thoughts and views about all kinds of stuff from the genre but with a gay bent, if you see what I mean. Not overtly sexual in nature, not one of those fantasy sci-fi-with-sex setups at all, but a serious look at the genre from a gay perspective. And, I should add, a non-gay one as well. Which kind of means I don't think that the opening question (Gay/Sci-fi or Sci-fi gay) really matters.

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