Gay Porn Today is a very "straight ahead", no-holds-barred blog which delivers precisely what it says - hot gay porn. Each episode featured is rife with lust and partnered-up coupling of two or more hot males, banging the crap out of each other and making each feel sticky and special. This is most definitely a site for guys who adore gay sex, in depth and with super lusty feeling. Models and scenes are taken from a wide range of sites, from Randy Blue specialties to the racier varieties featuring hot Latino's, broke straight guys and older gents with pecs and pricks to die for. Owing to how honest this blog is in general, one catches an very explicit sort of vibe that is oddly wholesome. There are no pithy subjects for debate here, no social commentary, no ultra hip links to fascinating personalities from New York or Gay Paree. Hell no, this site is for sucking and fucking and what's not to like about that? That doesn't make it superior for any reason other than it's just fucking honest and has a ton of balling going on. For some reason, I find that extremely appealing. But then, I guess I would.

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