Gay Porn's Obsession With Straight Men

Why is gay porn so fixated on straight men? I love watching porn and time and again I see things like: straight roommates try gay stuff for money, straight dude sucks his first cock, or straight porn star does his first gay scene.

Why can't we simply watch a couple of guys having hot sex together? Why do we need to know if they're straight, gay, bisexual or whatever? Either you like a blond guy's curved, uncut cock or you don't; does it really make the scene more exciting to know that this is his first time getting a blowjob from a guy? And can you believe the sales pitch anyway?

I recently watched a scene with Dirk Willis on Bait Buddies and Dirk is a sexy bald, bearded hairy man who we're told is having his first gay sexual experience. He certainly struggled while sucking his "first" cock in this video, made faces and even gagged, so it seemed pretty legitimate.

Then two weeks later, Dirk pops up on High Performance Men in a jack-off video, another masturbation session at Men Over 30, then back to High Performance Men for a flip flop fucking scene with another man. Further hunting turned up two more Dirk Willis scenes at Cocksure Men and found him getting his dick serviced and his ass fucked in two separate scenes, and these were filmed a full year earlier than that original "first ever" Bait Buddies scene.

Taking someone's cherry is a big turn-on for a lot of men whether they're gay or straight. We can puff up with pride that we were someone's first. So I understand exploring the fantasy in gay porn videos. So one could argue that watching Dirk suck his first cock was just a fantasy -- and even an exciting prospect -- but no different really than an executive bending a client over the boardroom desk or a home owner offering to blow the UPS man delivering a parcel. And I could accept that, however, there's a constant dialogue happening among gay men and porn watchers where we question whether a guy is really straight... or if he's had 10 dicks up his ass now, so how straight can he be? Why do we care?

Earlier this week GayDemon published a piece called Johnny Rapid and his Kin in which we learn that Johnny Rapid, who continuously gets his ass gangbanged in jail over at, has a girlfriend and two kids. "This was a shocker, 'cos let's face it - this guy bottoms like he was born to do it!" says the writer.

Why is this so surprising? A porn actor is playing a role in a movie -- what a shocker! I'm a gay man and my cock has never been near a woman. Okay, there was the girlfriend I had in grade 11 and we got into some necking with our clothes on. That's the extent of my straight experience. However, if a porn studio offered me enough money to fuck chicks, I'd go fill my Viagra prescription and I'd be on the next plane out to California's Porn Land. And even if I fucked a heap of pussy in dozens of videos, I would still be gay. No denial, no lies, no thinking it over -- I'm just a gay man and performer paid to have sex with women. And very likely no one would say, "Oh come on, you must at least be bisexual."

But for some reason it's really important for us to know that a straight guy is having his first experience - or if he's now sucking his tenth cock, but we need to know that he's still straight. Doesn't that smack of homophobia? Can't a straight guy just make porn videos without having to clarify that he's straight and doing it for the money? We have even come up with a new term -- guy-on-guy sex -- to distinguish straight guys getting off together from gay sex. So we haven't come as far as we thought, being gay and gay sex are still ugly things.

And what about the money? Even if a guy is just exploring, can he only do that if he's paid money? Is gay sex so disgusting that we can only justify doing it with financial compensation? How about just doing it because you want to see if it feels good or gets your dick hard?

Gay men are often our own worst enemies and the biggest haters in the world. On the one hand we want the world to accept us just as we are, but when someone like Cody Cummings fucks a new guy every two weeks on his site we say: "Oh, he can't possibly be straight!" Cody Cummings is handsome and he has a big cock. He either excites you or he doesn't; whether he's straight, gay, bisexual, gay for pay or in denial doesn't really matter. Or does it? I guess it does because we keep talking about it.


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