Gay Porn Obession

Have you got a favorite porn star, either up-to-date or from the past? Would you like to know more about him? If that's a yes, then you might want to check out Gay Porn Obsession where you can even write in and ask for more details about your own horny, favorite porn model. Perhaps it's someone from way back when like David Dude or, dare I say Jeff Stryker, or someone more modern like Ray Dragon. Whoever it is, you find a blog here that is all about the models, with some top lists and adverts and links off to videos, sites and magazines.

Giving it a quick scroll through, I concluded that it looks mainly at the hunky porn model, the muscled guy, the hairy man, your 'classic' porn star, rather than concentrating on twinks and jocks. There are some of them dotted around but I got the impression this is all about the 'real' male. So, a great place for some background - you can check back through quite an extensive archive and also drop a line asking for details about your main man. It makes for a nice resource and a horny view.

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