Gay Porn Obsession is a highly personal take on the author's admitted avid interest in viewing gay porn, from the modern to the classic. The author, 35 and a New York City resident, mixes personal revelations about his life as events intersected with his purchase or watching specific movies, making for the "highly personal" aspect. Having lived in such diverse environments as Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and discovering a wider world of homosexuality at the same time resulted in a life spent dealing with mail-ordering movies in a burgh whose adult store had 5 titles to choose from among the thousands of straight porn titles. His personal experiences comprise an interesting and riveting sort of peek over his shoulder which he invites. But this author is more than just films. He resurrects some classic stuff with re visitations to the hot '60's magazine "Male Form", among other resurrections of classic and edge-cutting magazines and films in our history. I found this blog incredibly informative and easy on the eyes. Well-written and always on-task, the author is a pleasant host, wide open about his interests and proclivities, supplying intimate offerings of pictures and film clips featuring muscular and hot-looking men who are proud and gay.

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