If you are like me, then you probably look at gay porn most of the day and beat off 6 times a day, no? Okay, maybe that's just me, and I should probably see someone for help.

Anyway, a site that likes to blog about gay porn all day & night and excels at doing so This site features the latest in fresh-out-of-the oven porn gossip, interviews, cum-tastic videos and a special section, and personal fave, "Guys I'd fuck." I love this section 'cos you gotta put it out there in case you meet one of your porn fantasies and have the chance to get it on! It can happen!

One of the things that makes this blog so fucking hot is the fact that the guy that runs it, truly and deeply loves all things related to gay porn. You can tell in the way the articles are written, it's not just some copy and paste kinda crap from the studios that he posts, nope, none of that lame shit on here!

If you want to get the down low on your fave porn hunks and stroke your cock while doing so, this is the place for you to do just that and a whole lot more!

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