Sometimes, porn is one big bucket of cum-drenched happiness. And at other times, it's a buffet of sexy, bite-sized morsels. Today, we opted for morsels. First, news from the happy whores at Treasure Island Media: A gift for all of you in the New Year. T.I.M., a name synonymous with all that is right and good about personal sexual liberation, has deemed 2011 the "Year of Living Positively" and, consequently, announced that they will be giving away a free scene entitled "Buggery" starring T.I.M. topman Keer and newcomer Emil fucking the "bejeebus" into model Jayson. (Warning: Fucking the "bejeebus" into anyone is hard and you may have to make several attempts if you're trying this at home.) All you have to do click on to and - voila! - you're perfectly position to liberate your spermatozoa. Founder Paul Morris was elated:

"I want to encourage everyone to fuck freely and without fear. May the unrestrained joy these men exhibit in boning the ever-loving hell out of one another be an inspiration to all!"


True dat.

In other, morsel-y porn-related news (well, insofar as the hookups go), Manhunt has announced the launch of their mobile app for both iPhone and Android:

"It's everything you love about Manhunt packed into the hottest mobile apps around. Access your Manhunt mail, track list, buddy list and more, right from your phone! Browse guys near you with a single tap. If he has a Manhunt profile, you can get in touch regardless if he's on a PC or his phone."

But remember, Steve Jobs is a little squishy about the sorts of pictures you post, so if you're uploading images to your iPhone, ask yourself this: Would my teetotalling Mormon Aunt with nine children and more crosses on her living room wall than a Baptist Church in Dallas approve of this?


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