Perhaps you've heard of him? Gay pop superstar, TV personality, and nightlife legend, "Gay Pimp" Jonny Govern? He blasted onto the New York scene in 2000, carrying with him a satire and comical delivery that won everyone over. Jonny produced his debut album "Dirty Gay Hits" together with IDM. As a result of it's huge takeoff, Jonny found himself working with the likes of Richard Jay-Alexander - known for his work with the likes of Les Miz - Bette Midler's Kiss My Brass tour - and director Peter Martinez. The video "Soccer Practice" was the result of their collaboration. Since then, "Soccer Practise" has been download 2.2 million times and took a top 5 spot in the National Video Club chart. Gay Pimp offers all of Jonny's work as well as the work of many of his colleagues. A well designed and navigatable site, you'll find many hilarious previews and text descriptions here. Very funny site. Funny guy.

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