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Ricky Sinz loves summer time. For most of the year he lives alone in a secluded, wooded area; but once summer arrives, lots of hunky men come looking for the great outdoors experience. And this means that gay pervert Sinz has a never-ending supply of hot men to tie up, torment, and fuck.

As this Bound Gods two-part video opens, Sinz has broken into Logan Vaughn's trailer. The hunky blond stud is sleeping, but not for long. Sinz pounces on the bed, gags and restrains Logan, and then gives him an outdoor experience he'll never forget. Sinz talks dirty and forces his cock down Logan's throat. And before Logan is finally released, his ass is beaten and fucked, and Sinz blows his load of spunk all over the terrified camper.

Then Sinz heads off and finds a cabin where Morgan Black and Tyler Alexander are spending the weekend. Sinz watches through the window as these two studs fuck and he decides to come back in the morning and have his turn. This area is well known for having a lot of good hiking trailers, so Sinz is pretty sure these two will head into the woods, and that's where this horny pervert will be waiting ...

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