Do you consider yourself a Pagan? Are you a gay person interested in the Occult and are wondering how to get involved with folks like you? WitchVox is quite a large site dedicated solely to all things Pagan and Occult related. Today we'll just concentrate on the gay part of the site. Scanning through the list on the two pages of gay oriented resources, we can take in a shitload of information. There's a Witches Information Network, all kinds of sites into Egyptian art, and short reviews and descriptions of openminded groups from all over the place. Go to page 2 and check out "The Church Of Ravenstar's" website. Really cool. It seems as though this is a resource more for Astrology, Tarot reading, and the like. Not so much the "Occult" as it were. Nevertheless, it's worth checking out. I'm always open to new things and the many possibilities of "otherworldy" powers. How about you?

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