Gay On The Range is a wild and funny trip through the heyday of paperback sleaze dating back through the '50's and '60's, complete with lurid front covers of the books and some wonderfully insightful commentary by this well-represented author of a terrific and totally diverting web site. His purpose is humor and a lighter look at the stereotypes and fundamentally misguided truisms regarding sex and relationships between men. He sure deserves credit for reaching that goal and even surpassing what one might expect from it. As he states: "This site is a time capsule, a glimpse into a handful of publishers pushing the boundaries of "acceptability in the quest for further fistfuls of dollars." The campy cover styles shown here were replaced in the Seventies with more realistic and laid back, less tense covers, so this period does indeed represent the true heyday of a genre. Cataloged thoroughly and with care, the absurdities and the art as well are presented from an era which requires and has always required an unvarnished exposition. Many of these covers show an unbridled sense of freedom at the same time as coexisting with the ugly realities of the day. Sympathetic covers are not the least bit rare and represent a group of talented gay artists toiling under at times hideously dreadful stereotyping. This is a bold and forceful look at the representation of that era. To his credit, the intelligent writer makes the right calls in its introduction. And, bless him, he takes the trouble to laugh a little. I just adore this site.

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