Gay Nerds

No longer will gay and nerdy people need to hide in the geek-closet. Thanks to Gay Nerds, we now have a place where we can hang out and say proudly, 'I am gay and I am a nerd.' This is a fun and informative blog site run by nerds for nerds, and is about them, too. Actually it's more than a blog; there are forums and pod-casts, it has its own online shop for T-shirts and stuff, you will find a chat room, there is an events page and of course lots of blog posts. These seem to happen at least once a week and cover all manner of subject from the X-Men to X rated, from carnivals to cars, and from video games to, well, video games. Being nerds, they've managed to come up with a sleek and yet simple design that also incorporates social networking functions and adverts. So you get a lot of interesting things to read, try and click, from some surprisingly interesting people, and best of all, it won't cost you a penny.

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