Gay looks like a Straight Dude

So, there you are in front of computer, on your favorite gay dating website browsing through the variety of hot men and you spot a hunk that gives you mega butt honey with all his sexy pictures, you then start to read his profile and you find these two words: "Straight Acting".

Now, this means these guys "act straight" i.e. burping out the alphabet, farting at the dinner table, cumming all over you and then rolling over only to fall asleep, yet they also like to milk a cock for all it's worth and they also love it up the jacksy. See! You get the best of both worlds! (Sense the ironic tone here).

There is a reason why it's called straight acting cos generally that is exactly what it is: an act. Why any gay would want to be or go out with a straight acting guy is just totally beyond me. I can understand the fantasy that some gay men have about going out with a straight guy but when you start applying these kind of narrow-minded and stereotypical labels to men it just makes things ridiculously complicated and closeted.

Now if you fancy dating an actor (or want to do some acting yourself) then by all means go ahead, but just remember they don't give out Oscars for Best Gay Straight Actor, so you could be waiting for something real for a really, really long time!

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