Gay& Lesbian Manners

Steven from Steven Petrow's Gay & Lesbian Manners is like the Emily Post of the gay community. Mr. Petrow has written several books on the subject, which are for sale on his site, but there is also tons of useful advice. His site isn't just for gay men and lesbians, either - it's also for friends and family with questions like "How should I respond if a friend comes out to me?" and "Should I get a holiday gift for my son's boyfriend this year?" And most of Steven's advice seems well though-out and well-expressed. The sections make sense - Coming Out, Friends & Family, Dating & Sex, Gay Weddings, Everyday Manners and Gay Families. Or one can read the questions by Queeries - manner questions for gay men and lesbians BY gay men and lesbians - and Straight Talk, which are questions from straight family, co-workers and friends. This site is definitely an interesting read.

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