Gay Homophobe

Gay Homophobe isn't what you might think it is from reading the title. I mean, how can it be? Can you be gay and a homophobe? Apparently yes. But this site is a place where you get a choice. You can stay conservative and in the closet and then one day be outed as the hypocrite you are, or you can come out and be proud, gay and still a US Conservative. (Though I imagine the site is not limited to US citizens; anyone can join in.) It's a political site that's challenging all those gay people who hide in closets and yet rant on about how there should be no gay marriage, no gay rights, and all that BS. Phew. Need to get it off your chest as well? Then take a look, join the debate, out yourself and win a star, see who else is gloriously coming out of the closet and do your bit for gay freedom. Whether it's a Facebook Like or a posting. You know it needs to be done.

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