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The thing the I love about Corbin Fisher is that about every three of four weeks he gives us an update is so fucking hot. I mean is it a coincidence that this update comes on a Friday, or does Corbin Fisher really want us staying home all weekend and jacking off to this mammoth video. Picture it: six of Corbin Fisher's hottest jocks, one bed, and the working title is "Anything Goes." The last time Corbin Fisher published an update like this "Straight Stud Fuckfest" it took me quite a few tries to get through the whole thing. When you've got six jocks in one movie there's so much to look at, so much happening.

The video starts out with the six guys lounging clothed on the bed. Logan, Brent, Cade, Trevor, Matt and Spencer. Things start out nicely enough with some kissing. Then the guys start getting naked. And the thing that I really enjoyed about this movie was the natural progression of things. First, everyone was in a big tangle on the bed; guys doing multiple things at the same time. Two guys sucking another's cock, one guy kissing one buddy and getting sucked by another, one stud is pumping his cock into another's mouth, someone else is eating his ass,

that sort of thing. And then, the scene starts breaking up into two threesomes, then, a foursome and a twosome. Finally, the video's grande finale has the six guys paired in three couples; bottoms on their backs with their legs in the air, one beside the other, with the tops on their knees pumping those asses full of cock. It's as if the guys were trying everyone out to see who they wanted to end up shooting their load with. I haven't even gotten to the end of the video, this is going to be an all-weekend affair. Good thing I have nothing to do, I'm going to be busy.

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