Gay For Sochi

Seriously, who gives a crap about the Olympics!? And not just because they're about that boring thingie they call sports. The Winter Games are currently unfolding in Sochi, Russia, where an atmosphere of hate and intolerance toward gay people is the norm, thanks to this homophobic leader. That's reason enough for us to boycott the endless TV coverage on NBC. And the good folks at Gayletter, along with House of Turing, seem to agree and have a created a website to "spread awareness of the horrific human rights abuses that are occurring in Russia today."

Gays and their supporters can show their disdain for all the haters who are attempting to send gay rights back to the dark ages. At, you can upload your favorite gay-friendly photos, like the ones we picked of porn stars Shawn Wolfe and Jimmy Fanz (above) and just plain studs Ben Cohen and Nick Jonas (below), and brand them with the trademark Olympic rings (tinted a lovely shade of pink), then share the pics via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the #gayforsochi hashtag. This will help "create a unified voice" and send a message to the world that it's not okay to approve anti-gay legislation and to detain, arrest and jail queers. To learn more, visit Gay for Sochi.

Gay For Sochi

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