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Someone has set themselves a labor of love at the Gay Erotic Video Index. I mean, they already have over 28,000 videos listed here, to say nothing of all the directors, production companies and stars. And all listed in their various areas by first, middle and last name, and all arranged alphabetically. OK, so I tested this out with the name of one of my favorite porn actors; let's call him 'Turk' (because that's his name). I found him and a text list of all his movies. But not only his released, full length movies in which he has a scene, but his individual scenes for member sites/companies. So there he was in 'Afton Nills Academy Tryouts (2)' for Xtreme Productions, and there he also was in 'My Brother's Hot Friend (4)' for Suite 703. And there were all his stats and his information as well.

If you search around this impressive database by title, you get descriptions of the whole movies or scenes; do it by company and you get their full list of titles; it really is that impressive. You will see some box cover shots, but this isn't a place for trailers and screen caps. There are, though, links to previews at the AEBN theater, and if you go ahead and buy from there, this site gets a cut so you can support it, learn from it and have fun with it all at the same time.

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