New Erotic Novel from Jason Shaw

Memory Lane's Future is a graphic erotic gay sex novel from Jason Shaw. Paul, a handsome, successful, self-made gay broadcaster has an enjoyable, comfortable life. He lives in a plush London apartment overlooking the Thames and has a Miami South Beach condo for winter vacations (and the occasional weekend away), yet something from his past has come along and turned his whole world upside down.

He races away to escape reality by heading into the past, his colorful, erotic and hedonistic, sexually charged past. He looks for answers by reliving dreams and memories of times gone by. But what is he running from? Where will he end up? Can you really escape reality by retreating into the forgotten years? After all, the past is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there!

Memory Lane's Future is an exuberant, erotic gay story of self discovery and coming-of -age available for Kindle at Amazon or as a glossy paperback at Lulu.

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