I ran into this site on one of my free site Google searches. Once you get past the extremely overdone gif gallery, it gets much better. If you dig boys tied up, tortured, stretched and gagged then this should get you nice and hard. From the looks of it it's just a page that someone did up of some of their favourite BDSM scenarios. I thought I had a pretty good knowledge of BDSM apparatuses but now I know I'm out of the loop. It's amazing the homemade gidgets Masters can come up with in order to punish their servants. The bois bound here are all cute as hell too. The ones that aren't hidden behind a hood or mask anyway. But they're all lean, hung and willing that's for sure. The page evokes that dark eery place BDSM can be portrayed as. It all ads to the mystique and medieval fantasty. The images are nice and big and of good quality. The scenarios are raw, real and intriguing. Nice.

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