Gay Cities is an excellent and valuable travel guide to the hottest and most gay-friendly spots in cities across the world. It has an impressive and comprehensive list of reader reviews, entered by those people who have actually been to these places. In fact, it is the user reviews which make this particular site hum. Each city not only offers such reviews but also each restaurant or club has a map attached to help with directions. The casual perceptions of those who have actually used the services listed means a pretty unvarnished view of the pluses and minuses of each place. A critical eye can be extremely valuable in restaurant choices, for example, and there are many potential reviewers who opt to opine on the case at all these typical travel destinations. Popular spots worldwide are reviewed in terms of their gay-friendliness and their own idiosyncrasies, and for both males and females. Clubs take a very prominent position in the hierarchy of reviews and therefore provide the best possible pre-visit planning analysis of how to get to them as well as what happens there. I like this site for its informality and thoroughness.

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