Gay Chastity

Master Mike holds the key to your Gay Chastity, and don't you forget it. Need some denial? Want to prevent yourself from having sex? Or simply into complete submission? This is a photo blog that is all about, well, chastity. You see lots of images of guys with their dicks caged, and their cocks being denied. They are often tied or chained, bound in some way or in masks, in dungeons and strapped up, so there's clearly a link between no-sex and BDSM going on. There are links to where you can buy the products shown, and there are images of the blog-master showing us his own cage, announcing proudly that his own dick is locked up and that he is no longer in control of the penis between his legs.

Definitely a blog to view for everyone interested in this fetish or who are curious about it. There are videos, photos, some text and if you go back through the archives, plenty to see and do. When I saw it, the blog had not been updated for a while, but there is still lots to check out.

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