Gay Celluloid

Forget the likes of IMDB; when you want to low-down on gay films and what's happening in the world of gay movies (mainstream/art rather than porn), you need to have Gay Celluloid bookmarked to pop back to. This is the home of reviews, articles, news and updates on all that's going on in the world of gay cinema.

This site takes a very simple approach to its design, giving you a black and orange theme and a list of reviews, compilations and a top menu with a few more specialized titles. Cinema Jarman was up there paying tribute to, and specializing in, the films of British writer/director Derek Jarman (Sebastiane, Caravaggio, Blue, etc.) and beside this was a link to a page where famous gay Hollywood actors are listed. There is also an A-Z of listings and a search box so you should be able to find the title of the movie you are interested in if it is not easily apparent. I found their reviews nicely written, to the point, not too long and they came with movie details and even clips, which was a treat. Gay Celluloid's a great place for all fans of gay films.

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