GayCampers.com is a fairly massive site featuring a true compendium of information relating to all aspects of the gay life style, but focusing far more on travel and vacationing. Lists of cruises, destinations and facilities, events such as Gay Rodeos and the Gay Olympics litter the front page and provide informed looks and recommendations for all events. There seems to be no event too large or small for this stunningly thorough site to discover and then enlighten us to. Gay-friendly campgrounds the world over, from New Zealand to the US are featured and reviewed. Stories and articles on cycling, travel and camping from the gay perspective are among the many splendid features this website offers for free. Articles dealing with "Dykes on Bikes" as well as articles dealing with "Gay Gaming" are the tip of the iceberg exposing a fascinating list of insanely relevant articles for an informed and interested public. From "Gay Campgrounds in New Zealand", to "Halloween Cruise in the Caribbean", to "Gay Christians Naming Project", to "NASCAR's Openly Gay Competitor", this site covers a wealth of subject matter intelligently and with real objective observations. The travel section alone is beyond helpful.

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