Gay Bondage Slave

A fascinating insight into the mind and world of a Gay Bondage Slave. This blog is mainly image led and I can't decide if it is more for horny fun or for serious expression. Actually, it's for both and works very well on both levels. You simply click through the photos and find some that pure fantasy (straight men naked waiting to use an off-screen slave), while others are our host bound and gagged and waiting to be used. Some of the images represent gay men being used and degraded, all part of the fetish, and some wording might come across as offensive to some people. But then if you are going to read the writings of, and see the images from, a man who spends his life being degraded, punished, humiliated and who is, by his own admission a 'faggot slave' who expects to be treated badly, well, then you can expect some harder-edged stuff here. There is no room for politics in his world of BDSM and Master and slave.

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