Lucas has his lover tied up with his hands secured above his head. Fred is also wearing a blindfold so that he doesn't know what Lucas is about to do him. Bondage sex is pretty fucking hot -- if you have a partner you trust. And when you combine the inability to do anything with the lack of vision, you've got a pretty hot fucking scene. Standing there blindfolded and bound and waiting for something to happen is just as exciting as the sensation of some foreign object on your skin. In this gallery "Sensory Pleasures" Lucas doesn't keep Fred waiting long. Fred's shirt is unbuttoned and his bare chest is exposed; his pants are down around his ankles. Lucas is still wearing his office clothes. He kisses Fred from behind and rubs his hands along Fred's bare skin. Then he grabs Fred's large, hard cock and pumps it in his hand a few times. Lucas releases one of Fred's hands, and then, he gets down on his knees and starts sucking Fred's cock. Lucas is stoking his own dick while his blindfolded lover is enjoying a hot blowjob. Lucas releases Fred completely because he wants to feel his lover's lips around his cock. He's also going to fuck his ass when his cock gets good and ready.

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