Gay Body Blog is yet another fabulous example of what is available to the true connoisseur of fabulous male photography. Underwear ads, models galore, porn stars, movie stars and celebrities of all stripes generally enjoy attention and make themselves as ubiquitous as possible. And we help! The generosity of photographers and models knows no limit, it seems, allowing us access to some quite impressive and sumptuous work. That the guys are gorgeous to look at is one thing. In many cases, such as in those this author takes on, the photographers might even be the stars of the show. In some cases, this author and this blog take on a developmental angle, featuring someone whose body so obviously transforms from early, say less impressive realms, to those reflecting the hard work of body development. Chiseled arms, abs, legs suddenly make an almost complete makeover for many of these models and actors. The blog itself deals with this phenomenon of body work and the results - especially the results. Combining a clear eye for body work detail and another great eye for modeling talent, this blog is a fascinating look at the male form from the greatest examples of classical male beauty and the creation of awesomely-sculpted musculature.

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