Gay Blow Buddy

In need of your daily fix of BJ? Then try out the Gay Blow (Job) Buddy. This is a neatly arranged, fun to use blog that's simply about blow job pictures. Guys giving head, duos sucking, 69, threesomes and more, all neatly arranged in square thumbnails that bounce up to show you their titles when you point your cursor at them. Click a pic and you have the enlargement, and you're told how many views that pic has had, you can rate it and see who submitted it. There are also facilities to share, social network photos, and you can leave comments. Back at the main home page you find you can click to open pages where there are four guys, or three, or two, and there is also a links list towards the bottom. The danger here is that you can click to see what a linked site is about and then find yourself drawn away. Not because the BJ blog was getting dull or anything, but simply because he links to so many other good blogs. It's all a bit addictive really, and horny and best of all, free.

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