Gay Tubs is a breezy, accessible and detailed look at the historical role gay bath houses have played in the evolution of the gay male lifestyle in the United States. While somewhat brief, and therefore more suitable for the Internet, it would still be hard to imagine a better compilation of history, especially inasmuch as everything detailed is either linked to more information or else spelled out in a completely straightforward way. And what an enlightening history it is! We are taken from the turn of the Century in the late 1900's, where YMCA janitors spying through keyholes could result in prosecution, to a more sophisticated and less dangerous era where gay men learned to deal with the legal biases and to operate in more secure bath houses. Then we travel through the McCarthy Era, when guards were employed to monitor suspicious behavior at what were formerly openly gay bath houses, and thence to San Fransisco in the '60's and '70's where, and I quote: "In the late 1970's, statistics showed that the average Club customer was white, between thirty and thirty-five, earned $12,000 a year, and stayed at the Club for approximately five hours during which he climaxed three times." There is some purposeful irony and humor throughout this well-devised and well-written site - just a feast and maybe the state of the art for the purposes of Internet historical writing. Let me also add there is far more, too. Cities are specified as well, such as Cleveland, Ohio, Los Angeles, and San Fransisco. It is hard to heap enough praise on the efforts of those responsible for this clear and refreshing bit of history. What a great visit!

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