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You're looking for a date or a mate, you don't want to join a dating site and anyway there are so many of them you don't know which to join. Don't join any - just go take a look at Gay Bachelor Blog to see ordinary, non-gym-bunny, non-muscle hunk guys, just Mr. Average and the like. They've each got a post telling you about themselves and these come with good quality images. You can then contact the guys through the blog site if you think you've found a match. Or, look at it the other way around; you can write in to the site and send your own pics and details and, if you meet their standard of image quality and so on, you can get your own blog post here, so other guys like you can find you. You have to be a bachelor gay guy, or else you lie to the site and say you are, and if you've got any other doubts or queries then there is a FAQ page to check. Neat little idea eh? Yup, and one that's going to appeal to gay bachelors everywhere.

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