While erotic and mainstream gay story sites are showing up more these days, there still isn't enough good ones out there for my tastes. If you're always on the search for good writing, Gay Authors could be a great place to hang out as they offer links to some of the best gay penning on the net. The best way to get access to all this great writing is to sign up at the Forum. Linkable to your left. From there you can check out a whole slew of blogs and other resources. To get to the stories themselves, hit the "Stories" link in the main menu. After signing up I immediately started browsing the huge list of stories. It's interesting to note that some are for adults and some are for kids. However, each tale is labelled accordingly so there are no major suprises. Although surfing is isn't too bad on Gay Authors, at times you may get a bit confused. From what I can see a fair amount of different sites branch out from it. So it's best to just sign up in order to get a better perspective of what this resource features.

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