Gay Asian Collection is an amazing compilation of some the best-looking Asian models anywhere. Somewhat soft-core, the pictures of these hot models are taken from underwear ads, individuals' portfolios, photographer's files and a range of sources to send us on a very promising and ripe Asian fantasy. I think there is something to be said for a soft-core type element, now and then. With the Internet so rife with every hard core scenario imaginable, now and then a visit to a softer-core type site reminds us of mystery and intrigue underneath all those sexy fellow's underwear and gorgeous high end clothing. This site does not disappoint in that respect - not whatsoever. Asian males are currently moving up in the general esteem of the predominant media of the "Western World" and it is precisely here that we can see great examples of why. Handsome, totally other than the somehow reductive and "scripted" small Asian man, enough looking at this website will make one a literal Asian-o-phile. There is not much NOT to like. Imaginative and seeping with erotic good looks, these guys all look delightfully approachable and erotic. This site is a virtual compendium of such wonders and, as such, represents an interesting entertainment for almost any day of the week at all. Sexy stuff!

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