Two hilarious phrases introduce this site to users, and they really tell the whole story. Gay Arrangement says it is "Bringing together the rich and the beautiful" but before you think it's a networking site for daytime TV actors and freelance internet writers it asks the next question, "Who said money can't buy love?"

This is a site where older, wealthier gays can hook up and make an "arrangement" with younger, good looking guys who are a bit short on cash. Though not an escort site, and strictly for over 18s - Gay Arrangement is quite frank about its mission: arranging a mutually beneficial relationship usually between an older successful man and someone attractive and young.

Geared towards the Sugar Daddies but heavier on youthful profiles, the site suggests that arrangements are "most often financial or can be in the form of expensive gifts given in return for the relationship with the Sugar Boy." The site is fairly new but growing with new members from either end of the age/money spectrum daily.

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